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Horse Necklaces guide

Horse Necklaces: a dangling guide

We've put together this horse necklace guide in the knowledge buyers of horse jewellery do need assistance when looking, and this is what we intend to do here.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of buying a gold or silver horse necklace at the jewellers or online. But first will present available pendant designs, take notice of the chain link styles, and then go away knowing there is a difference between a necklace and pendant.

With all the theme jewellery out there, I am sure you'll agree horse jewellery is one, if not the most beautiful of all.

In the equestrian theme, jewellery makers have the opportunity to make horse necklaces featuring horseshoes to horse heads even and a pair of stirrups.

So good are these replicas, they look like the real thing, only in miniature scale.

And well gold or sterling silver necklaces are widely available, you'll find out here why rarely any of them are made from pure gold or silver.

Instead, horse necklaces are made from a percentage of inferior metals and elements so the finished necklace is stronger and therefore can be made into jewellery.

Well made in less valuable metals, they can still be highly expensive or much cheaper, but still high in quality readily available to buy online or at the jewelers where in stock.

So there you have it, as you move down the page we will guide you through the process of buying horse necklaces.

Once you've found out what you need to know you should feel comfortable enough to go away and buy with confident's and all the knowledge you need to ask or understand.

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Difference Between Necklace & Pendants

Necklace left, pendant right
Left side image shows a typical horseshoe necklace, well the right design is a pendant (take note of the chain link connection on both).

If you don't know it already - and many people don't realise it themselves - there is a difference between a necklace and a pendant.

Sure, both can be registered as a necklace - as they do go around the neck - but pay close attention and you'll see two very distinctive differences.

Well looking to buy a horse necklace yourself, you may be asked about these things, so read ahead so you are sure to have all the information to hand.

When you intend to buy a horse necklace gift for yourself or someone special, without knowing the difference you may inadvertently purchase a pendant.

And when that special someone into horse jewellery is knowledgeable with horse necklaces and jewellery in general, they may be a bit fazed why you are calling their new gift a necklace, when it is indeed a pendant.

To avoid an embarrassing mishap at a jewellers too, when making an enquiry regarding horse necklaces. After you read the following you'll understand when the salesperson knows her stuff, and is selling you a horse necklace or pendant.

Well they do know their industry well, this is a simple mistake when one is not thinking straight, and you should be prepared to call her or him out on the error.

Know the difference between a necklace and pendant.

Pendants well identical in terms of the chain that goes around the neck, a pendant actually refers to the charm that clips on the gold or silver chain.

This is not a permanent add-on and whether it's a rearing horse, just a head, a pair of sirrups or a horseshoe pendant, you can remove the pendant and upgrade to a new charm anytime.

Well this is true for most pendants, be sure to enquiry whether the charm can be removed and replaced - or its a take it as it is situation.

This is a preference thing, but in the case of sterling silver pendants, in due course it will need cleaning from tarnish marks as all types of silver jewellery are prone to this.

Necklaces can be distinguished from a corresponding horse pendant by the way the 'charm' on the necklace is a permanent feature.

A chain around the neck usually stops at two points, in case of a horseshoe pendant the chain will attach to two points.

Well the horseshoe makes the complete connection of the chain, this then becomes the whole necklace.

The same can be said for horse heads, stirrups and horse body, the chain will connect at two points on either design and the pendant stays in place.

Sure, you may be able to remove the featured pendant from the chain link for cleaning, you won't be able to swap it with another horse pendant.

They are made to measure so to speak, but do provide a little wiggle room for maintenance.

But if you find a horse pendant you like (without the chain), why not clip it onto your necklace too - but this a personal thing but if you like another pendant so much, why not.

Buyer's Guide: know before buy

Necklace buyer's guide length chart
Five average necklace chain lengths displayed in this chart, with measurements taken in centimetres and inches.

You may already made up your mind what horse necklace to buy, whether it's for you or as a gifts for someone.

But there are a few things to consider before you waist your time and have to return the jewellery by post or make the trek back to the high street jeweler.

Before we get into the chain size and pendant weight, remember in a product picture online a pendant - the chain size - will appear bigger or smaller than it really is, if its not being worn around the neck.

So before you press the add to basket button, pay close attend to the product details and get some scale of the item you are interested in.

To big could look ugly and not very elegant, a bit on the small size though and you could end up with a pendant to small to the naked eye and a chain link thin as string.

If there is anything you will take away from this guide, just remember to take the overall weight in to consideration, the chain length and absolutely remember the chain also comes in various styles and thickness.


Then there's a weight of the necklace, heavy necklaces with extra decoration could feel like it's wearing your down and be uncomfortable or course you pain during the duration of the day.

Take gold necklaces encrusted with diamonds, this is not a cheap item, this is the real thing and will be heavy. A tiny gold horseshoe necklace would be fine, but big and bulky pendants will make you regret it.

Sterling silver necklaces on the other hand are guaranteed to be much lighter and generally much more comfortable.

Then again, the same sterling silver necklace could be big and bulky with crystals and extra bits and pieces, which only add to the weight.

But like any item of clothing or fashion accessory you buy, the same rules apply to jewellery and size and weight must be taken into consideration.

Before you get to excited with a necklace you like, try it on in store and if buying online, make sure you find the chain length and weight details, then replicate this buy measuring it up to the jewellery in the current collection.

Then again, search for product or video reviews online, this is a great way to view a necklace in the real world, with real opinions and thoughts from a previous buyer.

It doesn't have to be the exact same necklace mind you, just a piece that is similar size, in gold or silver and has a similar chain to the one you are interested in.

Chain size matters

Take for example the size of the necklace chain, for one thing do you or the person the necklace is intended for want a long chain or short one.

This is all about personal taste again, so meet in the middle with short but not long chain.

With that in mind, a long chain might be what you want, but then again it could be to long and hang between your cleavage, or worse still below your clothing neckline, resulting in you not showing off your new piece of jewellery.

A short chain, about an inch or two below the throat is usually pretty standard, and is a safe bet with chain lengths.

Over thinking the chain length though and you may end up with a chain that doesn't actually dangle at all, instead fits tightly around your neck.

Which means its to tight and would most probably be uncomfortable, on the other hand it will just look silly, clearly to short and not a good fit.

Chain link styles: take it as it is

Silver chain link design
This silver chain represents several chain designs, this it not typical but up to three styles are incorperated here, including horse bit designs.

You could have the most beautiful horse necklace imaginable, but did you know the chain around your neck makes the difference in the overall design of the jewellery.

Chain link styles can make the feature a beautiful piece or can - but very rarely - turn the necklace into a wasted opportunity.

If you do pay attention to chain link styles, you will notice the hoop chain link style, also known as curb, the most common.

But look again and these hoops can be really fine, medium or large, until you realise the chain link is none of the above.

To cater for all tastes, necklaces are also produced - believe it or not - in horse hair and real leather and soft fabric.

Well jewellery made from genuine horse hair may seem fragile, what you actually end up with is a tougher chain substitute and are less likely to break.

And with leather necklace straps, you have a even strong connection there and will out last all of the above mentioned.

Taking us back to the chain link styles, pay close attention because well leather straps or horse hair do the job, so do gold or silver plated chain link cuts, but at it's finest they are prone to breaking easily.

It won't magically come apart out of the know where, but a catch of the bracelet, finger or even when your taking a piece of clothing off, you'll tear the chain link in two or into dozens of pieces.

Go ahead with a fine chain link style for your horse necklace if you are careful enough and you can guarantee the quality will prevent this happening.

But you can play it safe by going for a necklace that comes with a medium to large chain link hoops - which results in a thicker cut and solid structure.

Types of Chains

Well we could write up and show you examples of all types of common chain links across all collections - I think it would make more sense if we stayed on topic and show you the types of chain links that apply to horse necklaces only.

With that in mind, here are the most common types of chains largely associated with horse necklaces, regardless of the pendant style or design.

Well the chain connects with a hoop and is located around the back of the neck, all chains will be permanently connected to the pendant and therefore, not interchangeable.


Horse bit chain style

The most common style of chain link you will see on horse jewellery that requires a chain.

And well this style is featured on many types of necklace collections, there is really no association in the theme of equestrian.

It's just a lovely chain style that goes well with all sorts of jewellery and has no connection with horses at all.

If you are a keen horse enthusiast, you will know differently.

This style is commonly worn as a chain link on it's own, no pendant, no flash - just a plain chain worn by men and women - depending on the cut.


Choker collar style necklace

Well not a common style, a choker necklace is a wide band of fabric that fits comfortably around the womens neck.

And well the strap can be disconnected with the mechanism positioned on the back of the neck - this design is easier to remove than other styles

If you dig deep and need a choker horse necklace, you are likely to come across a dangling pendant in a horseshoe design.

Connected with a small horse bit like chain that fits to the fabric securely.


Cable chain link style

Think of the cable chain link style as a regular chain link you will find on bicycle and gate locks, chained before securing with a heavy duty lock.

Popular with both silver and gold links - whether expensive or inferior necklaces - the cable design is a safe bet with jewelers and a link that doesn't disappoint with both style and strength.

This safe rounded style is mostly seen on all jewellery where the chain connects to the pendant.


Curb chain style

Common style chain design that brings a secure, thick look chain mostly seen on gold jewellery.

The curb design refers to a hoop link with a twist that is designed to keep the chain links still and intact, well reducing movement and additional twisting well on the go.

With a sort of flat design, on the neck the chain links always appears to be flat up against your chest.

Well they look similar to the 'cable' design, up close they do look very differently.


To name all horse jewellery brands who make necklaces would be an endless list. So instead we've decided to list a handful of gold and silver brands that are more commonly found on our web site.

The idea of this is, so you can familiarise yourself with makers of horse jewellery, and with a little investigation, understand the value of brands by the quality of there pieces.

Generally speaking, brands who produce gold diamond studded necklaces are high quality companies.

Well makers of sterling silver and plated necklaces can be cheap, they can also be pricey and therefore do make quality products themselves.

Without further or do, here is a list of featured brands that make gold and silver necklaces, laid out in a simple table:

Silver Brands Gold Brands
Cara Z Gemma J
Elli Gelin
Lux Lier (Rie)
One By One L.A.H. Vendome Aoyama
Bling Gem  
The Mexican Collection  

Look out for these brands in the jewelers or when you buy necklaces online. Remember though, gold and silver necklaces are not limited to these brands.

Be sure to explore new makers and research the quality of the jewellery by price and reviews if need be.

Gold or Silver Necklaces

Gold and silver coated horse head pendant
Well the choice between a gold or silver necklace can be daunting, why not consider both, like this stunning gold and silver coated pendant.

When it comes to it, the choice between silver and gold horse necklaces boils down to personal tastes and likes.

Ask any women as they are more than likely to pick silver, a choice based on the colour that goes with anything.

The more savvy women may go for gold, thinking of the overall value of the necklace, and rightly so, gold is more valuable, and if in dire needs you have something of value you could pawn off down the road if push comes to shove.

But there's more to meet the eye with either choice, and that's gold or silver, they can both be highly affordable in the form of sterling silver or white gold.

What this means is that both gold or silver are not very durable at there purest, so to make both precious metals harder, cheaper metals have to be added like copper.

But as you may see for yourself, jewellery makers have made the choice for you in the options available, opting to favour sterling silver horse necklaces over corresponding gold ones.

As we've mentioned before, both gold and silver are melted down with cheaper, inferior metals so they can be strong enough to be made into and worn as jewellery.

Without that in mind, we've created a little table for you so you can compare fine gold and silver.

Here's a quick guide to finest silver versus the finest gold, they are measured by purest, fineness and cost per gram.

Going by the chart you'll see pure gold is much more valuable than silver.

Silver Gold
Purest: 99.9% 24 ct.
Fineness: 999 999
Cost per gram: 0.33 28.23

These are the prices of gold and silver when this article went to publish, if you require up to date prices of gold and silver, check out this page from Money Metals.

Gold necklace for the riches

Now that we have taken a look of what sort of gold horse necklaces are available on the market, you may be surprised as much as us to realise there are only about 20% of gold necklaces compared to silver available.

What this means is that you have a limit to your choice in gold necklace options, but if we are talking about pure gold, then your options decrease dramatically again.

Instead, jewelers melt down the gold and mix it up with silver and less precious metals; brass, copper - and use elements like nickel to create a variety of unique gold colours.

When buying gold, the salesperson may refer to your options by the following:

  • Plated - Refers to a necklace made up of inferior metals; brass and copper, making up the bulk of the necklace, then dipped in a thin layer of real gold
  • Rose - Also known as red or pink gold, refers to a necklace that might appear red in colour; this is due to pure gold mixed up with high levels of copper to produce the red tinge
  • White - Silver in appearance, but white gold includes elements like nickel, manganese or palladium to give it that white finish
  • Yellow - Brighter than pure gold, to make this shade of gold you add metals such as zinc or copper

The higher amount of gold used in the above examples, the higher the caret, therefore the more valuable the necklace becomes.

Because gold is combined with other precious and less interior metals, the piece of jewellery could still be worth a fair bit.

However, if you have a big budget or looking for a unique horse theme necklace with higher value, then you could go with of the above finish options.

Just look out for higher caret necklaces (starting with 8ct.) with diamonds.

Diamonds are more commonly incased in 'gold only' necklaces, so when you take the value of the gold in caret (karat) and the price of the diamonds, this tallies up to a fine piece of expensive jewellery.

Sterling silver necklaces on a budget

When buying silver necklaces, keep in mind your unlikely to find a piece of jewellery made from pure silver.

Silver on its own formed into jewellery will bend, deform and tarnish dramatically, so therefore silver necklaces must be made with additional metals.

What this means is that you'll largely find sterling silver horse necklaces available as oppose to just silver or plated.

Let's take for example you visit a jeweler on the high street and ask to look at all their silver horse theme jewellery. What they will show you - and they may not say anything unless asked - they will be likely sterling silver or silver plated.

Here's a quick guide to differentiate between the two:

  • Sterling - 7.5% pure silver is removed from the finished article, then mixed up with Copper, Nickel or Zinc to give it strength and hardness
  • Plated - Necklace made up largely of copper, brass, or even nickel - then dipped in silver to create thin plated layer

Don't be dishearten with the sterling silver jewellery in your collection, well they are made with less silver, therefore are cheaper, they still do hold some value.

Nothing close to the gold equivalent mind you, but they can be sold on.

Well sterling silver horse necklaces are usually crafted as simple as possible, look out for necklaces with carvings, crystals and even real gold features.

Horse Necklace Pendants

Horse necklace pendant around women's neck
How a small, delicate horse pendant looks around a women's neck, this is a basic silver full body horse design.

Its not just about selecting a horse necklace you like, you can go further and pick one that calls out to you in the form of the featured horse pendant.

Now, we have emphasized there is a difference between necklaces and pendants, but necklaces do have a feature that can be called a pendant.

Only this horse pendant is a permanent feature of the necklace, up front and centre of the necklace; against your chest or higher up around the neck.

You have up to eight featured equestrian theme necklaces to choose from, well the range is mostly centred around a horseshoe, which is favoured largely by the consumer, there are a few extra pendants to consider.

But with all horse pendant designs, the finished article can be categorised in several themes:

  • Flat design with only the silhouette of the horses head or body, but can also be available in horseshoe style too
  • 2D design, similar to a flat design only the pendant now has features, curved edges and a bit of roundedness, and squared also
  • 3D necklaces, these designs are like miniature replicas of horses, horseshoes and heads and almost look like small toys

Taking into consideration all these designs, you still have to consider how the pendant will be worn and how it will sit on the chest comfortably.

If jewellery makers didn't take how they are worn into consideration, you might have a necklace that jumps around the place as you walk just because of the shape.

But now the underside that presses up against your skin remains flat - or at least most of it - then with decades of experience, you have a necklace that sits still and looks great.

Horseshoe Necklaces

Silver horseshoe necklace

Horseshoe necklaces are the number one choice of all equine jewellery out there, and that applies to all types of jewellery; bracelets, earrings, pendants, etc.

If you took some time to view what's on offer in the horseshoe jewellery range, you'll find out there is a whole world of jewelers and makers alike.

They generally favour this design because horseshoe jewellery pieces can appear to the masses and not just the few.

What types of horseshoe necklaces are there?

  • Flat metal, cornered edge horseshoe is what you most likely to see often and is the most common design
  • Round corners, engraved horseshoe now has a little more quality with fine detail, smoother rounded edges and looks a little more expensive
  • Sterling silver, affordable horseshoe pendant that is both engraved and now has crystals incrusted in the metal, but they can look like diamonds
  • Gold, diamond incrusted horseshoe starting at 8 to 9 carets, with the real price in the fine quality diamonds and the gold is always carved with detail

Yes, every piece will have your common horseshoe shape, only they are finished in thick or thin cuts, they are made flat, with a curved edge, or my personal favourite - horseshoes with a small twist and turn.

Think about horseshoe necklaces as the focal point of all equestrian necklaces, a design that is favoured by celebrities and the general public alike.

It doesn't stop there though and there are plenty more gold and silver sterling necklaces to consider - centred around equestrian theme.

And they look something like this...

Horse Nead Necklaces

Silver horse head pendant

Horse head necklaces are most certainly my second favourite style of necklaces, this one being a pendant that is primarily focused on the head of the horse, from the bottom of the neck and up.

And why consider horse head designs?

Unlike horseshoe jewellery, they are just a lovely piece of jewellery that is admired by the many, so is worn just because it looks beautiful and goes with any outfit and occasion.

But with horse head necklaces, this is targeted towards equestrian enthusiasts and horse fanatics.

Well you won't wear creepy crawly necklace if creepy crawlers freaked you out would you.

The same can be said for horse heads, if you don't like horses, you wouldn't wear it - saying that if you don't like horses, then we have to talk.

But imagine this, someone shows an interest in your horse head necklace and comment on horses in general, it won't come off very nice if you all you could say was: 'I don't really like horses; I just liked the necklace.'

You could respond in a softer and friendly tone if someone randomly comments on your treasured necklace in a nice manner if you indeed had someone respectable to say and not come off a boorish.

Stirrup Necklaces

Silver stirrup necklace, two pair

Not the commonest of necklace designs, but if you're looking for stirrup pendants, you just need to know where to look.

The design of stirrup necklaces are similar to that of horseshoe ones, only instead of one stirrup, you get two on the necklace, interconnected so they can't be pulled away.

Its makes sense really to have a pair of stirrups on the necklace; have you ever seen or ridden a horse with just one stirrup - no one has - there's always two for the left and right foot.

And this is what the designers are going for here, stirrups always come in pairs.

And that takes us to the full body of a horse.

Horse Body Necklaces

To be interested in the full silhouette of a horse body necklace, you will be someone who shows a lot of interest in the real life animal.

You may just like horses in generally or be a owner of a horse, either way this design will make a beautiful gift for anyone or loves horses.

You are not limited to a full horse body on the end of a chain, the style goes much deeper with horses in positions depicting real life movements.

Horse body necklaces either have a stand alone horse body, or a horse silhouette surrounded in a ring or uniquely crafted shape that compliments the design.

Among those designs include...


Standing horse pendant

Horse in a standing still position, you have the head and body with great posture and the legs standing side by side.

So looking at this jewellery you will see only two legs as the legs on the other side are directly behind the front two - back and front.

There's no confusion what kind of necklace this one is.

A full horse silhouette is notable from a distance, well most people will know what this represents.


Walking horse pendant

Same as above really only the horse body changes with slight movement of the front and back legs

This depicts as as if the horse is walking ever so slightly.

You could also class this as a standing design, but this really depends on the manufacturer.

But both front and back legs are bent and pointing out means the horse is walking to us.


Running horse pendant

Well this style is a popular one, the design is really targeted towards male horse racing fans.

But this will be advertised if true, otherwise they continue to be a necklace for women and girls alike.

In this design the horse body is pointing straight out - as if the horse is running at great speed.

The natural position of the legs are obviously in a running position and associated with racing horse merchandise.


Rearing horse pendant

My personal favourite, the rearing horse necklace, depicting a mare or stallion up on their back legs rearing up in full stretch.

You would have to be quite the horse fanatic to like this one, not your regular joe sees a rearing horse and is instantly attached to it.

You would have to have a real passion with potential reasons to wanting a rearing horse necklace.

But who knows, you may just like the design and I am simply putting to much thought into it.


Skeleton horse pendant

And that takes us to full bodied horses only the middle part is not filled in and is void of anything - with the frame of the horse still in tacked.

And the results are beautiful, this design really highlights you're wearing a horse necklace as your skin tone is visible in the voided area and really makes it pop.

Similarly, you also have skeleton style horse pendants, and this is not as grim as it sounds.

Only the frame part mentioned above remains in place, and the void area is made up like the frame of a plain or model, cut with fine silver or gold to create a skeleton look.

Horse Bit Necklaces Only

Chunky horse bit necklace
Typical chunky silver horse bit necklace.

I feel truly embarrassed about this, but I never used to connect horse bit necklace chains to the real life thing.

I suppose I never used to give it much thought, and I thought it was just a style of a necklace chain that sounded horse related.

And well I won't consider horse bit jewellery in all it's form to be a true horse theme necklace, it's as real as it gets and would probably be suited to the mature owner.

But yes, this design is based on the horse tack that is used to help you, the rider to communicate with horse.

Well placed in the mouth, it extends from one side to the other and is essentially used like a steering wheel if you like to control the horse as you ride.

In the necklace form, a horse bit necklace would be used, and more commonly - as a stand alone chain necklace.

But this design can also be used as a chain for your favourite horse pendants, small overall hoops that connect like chain mail - but with a more elegant finish.


So there you have it, we've guided you through the process of buying horse necklaces from a recommended trip to the jewelers for a try-on in the shop or bought online.

We suggest you consider weight, chain length and chain styles available to you before you buy, as well has know there are many styles of pendants to consider.

Whether in gold or silver, incrusted or with diamonds, you can select from horseshoe necklaces to horses rearing, sprinting, or go for the lovely pair of stirrups.

We could have written this guide for ever, but although its a big one we still had to cut down into a more compressed buyer's guide, with lots of information about horse necklaces catered for women.

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