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With an extensive range of horse brooches you are sure to find the one for you. Our featured horse brooches include an impressive choice of horseshoe brooch in silver and gold with a selection horse shoe brooches with diamonds. Horse brooches look good with just about any fashion accessory you own; from sweaters, handbags to your favourite scarf, an horseshoe brooch will impress any equestrian or young horse lover.

Browse our collection of horse brooches below where you will discover the very best horse brooches online. The selection includes basic lucky horse shoe brooches to silver and gold horses, and diamond horse brooches in a variety of poses. The collection varies in price but you can expect to find a nice horse brooch from as little as £20.00, to a more expensive £100.00 horseshoe brooch for the serious equestrian.

Take a look at our horse brooch collection now and see if there's anything there that will interest you. The featured horse shoe brooches will certainly interest anyone with a lucky horse shoe brooch carried around with you every where which might just change your luck. Furthermore, horseshoe brooches will match just about any fashion accessory you own so will fit a treat attached to anything your wearing.

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