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Horse Charms, Horse Shoe Charm & Equestrian Charms

Kit out your fashion accessories with your own horse shoe charm or equestrian charms for the horse lover in your family. Horse charms are an absolute favourite with anyone and can be fixed to just about anything. Carry around a lucky horse shoe charm on your procession at all times whether its attached to your handbag, mobile phone, key ring, or purse; there is always room for your favourite equestrian charms.

Take a look at our large horse charm collection below as you'll sure to find something that will interest you. Whether your buying an horse charm for yourself or for a friend, there is something to suite every taste. We feature beautiful horse shoe charms in a wide range of designs, from basic horseshoe charms for young girls to highly detailed women's horse shoe charm designs.

All horse charms come with a simple but reliable fastening clip so you can place your horse shoe charm to just about anything with a loop with ease. Baring in mind horse charms are very cheap and look great with anything, you can kit out your favourite accessory with more than one equestrian charm so don't be afraid to buy more if you find other horse charms interesting.

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