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Horse Pendants & Horseshoe Pendants for girls

Horse pendants can be attached to your necklace or earrings and often comes in a form of an hanging accessory for your jewellery. Horseshoe pendants are especially nice, featuring various designs of traditional lucky horseshoes you can carry on your neck chain for all occasions. Remember horse pendants don't often come with chains like traditional necklaces, but come on there own so it's up to you where to hang it from, you can even attach it to your handbag or purse.

Horse pendants make an absolutely wonderful gift for any equestrian, horse enthusiast and young horse lover. With silver horseshoe pendants they make an beautiful and well thought out gift. Apart from being original and unique in design, horseshoe pendants provide the wearer a lucky piece of jewellery to carry around on there neck for not only special occasions, but for every day jewellery wear.

Our featured horse pendants below are mostly horseshoe pendants, but we hope to cater for all tastes and budgets with horse pendants featuring horse heads, full horse bodies, and of course, horseshoe pendants in silver and kited out in diamonds. So, whether your buying for yourself or someone else, there is always a horse pendant for her. Don't forget to browse the Jo For Girls collection for young girls.

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