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Silver horseshoe cufflinks

12 Horseshoe Cufflinks: to wear with pride

Well we've established there's plenty of horse related cufflinks to get stuck into, we're providing this comprehensive top twelve list for horseshoe cufflinks only.

All the top horseshoe cufflinks don't come from high street jewelers, but are instead widely available for sale online. We've gather all of our personal favourites in the form of horseshoe styles. You'll find they mostly are made with a rhodium coat and a base metal, in a stunning silver finish.

The market is filled with horse cufflinks - as we found out in our guide - we feel the horseshoe collection requires a page of its known - as they are so popular.

This list is targeted towards replica horseshoes for men, designed to be worn on the cuffs with class and style, and can be worn as horse racing cufflinks too.

When you have an equestrian event coming up, there's no better time to dress for the occasion with a stylish but affordable pair of cufflinks.

For an horse enthusiasts, you'll be in good hands with a pair of 'horseshoe cufflinks' as they are used for any time of the year, for all events involving around the equestrian theme.

Designed specifically for men, affix a pair to your shirt cuffs with or without a blazer, but wearing just a shirt for days 'out at the races' then they are sure to be seen and get attention with like minded horse enthusiasts.

Horseshoe designs very

Not in any particular order, but these are the horseshoe cufflinks we consider to be among the best available in the UK.

You don't have to break the bank here, all cufflink designs are highly affordable.

Its entirely up to you which you prefer from the list, as tastes very, but we have put our personal favourites in the top half of the list.

But overall, all featured cufflinks are our favourites.

We could of just listed them all, but we have narrowed down your options to just twelve horseshoe cufflinks, this should help you make a more informal decision, well cutting out an overwhelming choices.

Apart from the standard stud like horseshoe design, you can pick out replica horseshoe cufflinks designs with remarkable design; hook, heel caulk, shank and toe caulk details are included if you care or interested in detail.

Additionally, there might be a pair or two of horseshoe with a horses head in the centre, if that style is more your thing.

We have tried to cater for all tastes so we mixed the available designs up a little.

Our top twelve list

Don't feel the need to pick out the cufflinks from the top of our list, as we've already explained, we've picked out twelve horseshoe cufflinks from a possible fifty.

And we have come to the conclusion these are the best ones around, based on style, options, affordability and just what we personally like.

Now its up to you to decide which pair you like and are comfortable with, if you need help before you buying, visit our comprehensive horse cufflink guide.

Written for this very occasion, this article is curated for men looking for equestrian theme cufflinks and horse racing jewellery in general.

This guide is a good place to learn before making any commitment, it may well change your mind, on the other hand it will enforce your case to go with horseshoe cufflinks.

Now you know exactly what you are looking for, why not look at our list below and see if any pair of cufflinks take your fancy.

1. Onyx Art - Horseshoe Cufflinks

Onyx Art Horseshoe Cufflinks

Primarily made from alloy with a thin rhodium coat, with the alloy providing a solid foundation with the rhodium providing a corrosion-resistant coating.

Very distinguish horseshoe cufflinks with incredible bold detail and comes in a beautiful Onyx Art of London presentation box - at a very affordable price.


2. Onyx Art - Novelty Horseshoe Cufflinks

Onyx Art Novelty Horseshoe Cufflinks

As with most Onyx Art jewellery and specifically cufflinks, these are also made from alloy with a hard wearing rhodium coating, so with last the test of time.

Similar but not identical to the above pair, these cufflinks have a rich silver coat and come in a presentation box sitting on a soft cushion.


3. Code Red - Horseshoe with Crystals Cufflinks

Code Red Horseshoe with Crystals Cufflinks

Highly detail pair of crystal horseshoe cufflinks made from a polished rhodium coated metal with a silver finish.

The gems inserted securely to the cufflink are crystals with the appearance of priceless diamonds, and will add a touch of class to the evening with a reflection in the light.


4. Bling Jewelry - Stainless Steel Horseshoe Cufflinks

Bling Jewelry Stainless Steel Horseshoe Cufflink

Beautifully cut stainless steel cufflinks made to last with a less know metal used in jewellery - will not rust and not so prone to tarnish marks.

Compared to similar cufflinks, this Bling Jewelry pair appears faultless, and this is thanks to being crafted from steel as oppose to traditional, valuable metals.


5. William Sturt - Jumping Horse & Horseshoe Cufflinks

William Sturt Jumping Horseshoe Cufflinks

Away from the classic horseshoe cufflinks only, this pair has a horses head at the centre of the set with a running - or galloping horse - jumping out.

Finished in pewter so has a darker tone to traditional silver look pieces, the set comes in a lovely blue presentation box on a soft fabric cushion.


6. Black Ginger - Lucky Horseshoe Cufflinks

Black Ginger Lucky Horseshoe Cufflinks

You'll sure to make a statement wearing this pair of chunky rhodium plated lucky horseshoe cufflinks, with all the detail you'd expect.

This set comes with a snazzy presentation box associated with the Black Ginger brand, with a black and white box and flat white interior soft cushion.


7. Gifts to Remember - Horse Shoe Cufflinks

Gifts to Remember Horse Shoe Cufflinks

Simple but effective pair of cufflinks with a traditional horseshoe design, a clunky look and feel but this only goes towards making it easier to fix to your shirt cuffs.

Should be worn on a casual shirt but make it a coloured one to help these little gems stand out from the attire - ideally a blue or red like shirt does the trick.


8. Retail Zone - Horse Head in Lucky Horse Shoe

Retail Zone Horse Head in Lucky Horse Shoe

The horses heads is the centre of attention on this pair of cufflinks, with the horseshoe simply used as a frame, with the head providing much detail.

Finished in a pewter silver, the blackness left behind in the crevices allows the detail to stand out and gives this piece real depth.


9. Austral Jewellery Ltd - Sterling Silver Lucky Horseshoe Cufflinks

Austral Jewellery Ltd Sterling Silver Lucky Horseshoe Cufflinks

Well made from a basic base metal, these sterling silver horseshoe cufflinks are made with 92.5% silver, and the most valuable pair in our list (check the price).

Finished with a silver coat, the black in the crevices allows the detail of the horseshoe design to standout on the cuff - will need occasional cleaning.


10. Onyx Art - Silver Horseshoe Cufflinks

Onyx Art Silver Horseshoe Cufflinks

We started with Onyx Art cufflinks on the top of the list, and here we are again near the bottom, but we do love there commitment to men's horseshoe cufflinks.

This pair is rhodium coated with a simple base metal at their core, a standard pair of cufflinks that shine in silver, and cut to a perfect shape.


11. Ashton & Finch - Silver Horseshoe Cufflinks

Ashton & Finch Silver Horseshoe Cufflinks

We like this pair so much we probably should of had it higher up the list and not down here at the bottom, but these still reach our top twelve out of dozens.

This pair of silver horse shoe cufflinks has it all, other than being silver that is. They're have a rhodium finish with a brass base, six crystals and come in a stunning box.


12. Ashton & Finch - Shoe & Horse Cufflinks

Ashton & Finch Shoe, Horse Cufflinks

Finally we have this pair of stunning Ashton and Finch horse head and horseshoe cufflinks, in a striking rhodium coating with a brass base.

Cut in a flat style allows the cufflinks not to snag, but stay flat against the shirt. Presented in a branded box with a soft black cushion that sets off the silver cuffs.


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